Community Services/Affiliations

Community Services

  • Pro bono services are provided to seniors and special need children
  • Training sessions to provide psycho-education on recognizing signs & symptoms of mental disorders
  • Work with relevant service providers to promote unified wellness

Medical Camps

  • Identify the service gaps and organize allied health campaigns
  • Collaborate with local NGOs to promote allied health awareness
  • Educate the public on the available resources that can enhance their overall well-being
  • Provide brief psychometric screening test to identify stress-related symptoms

Research & Affiliations

  • Pilot study is carried out to identify effective treatment modality for diabetic ulcer healing
  • Research on adaptive coping mechanism for pain management among South East Asian Populations
  • Partnership with Hospitals and Universities to promote mental health awareness and to reduce stigma
  • Collaborate with primary service providers for the complete utilization of resources
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