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Community Health & Counselling services are community based healthcare providers. Its goals are to provide overall multidisciplinary interventions to assist clients who are experiencing emotional and physical difficulties.

The uniqueness of Health & Counselling is our evidence based holistic services for targeted population in one location. Life becomes challenging when a person experiences triggers such as emotional disturbances, family and work-related stress. In order to empower the client, Community Health & Counselling adopts a holistic approach, which is to treat the person, not the symptoms.



The essence of Chronic Pain, by its nature, its multidisciplinary because of the many expertise required for the therapeutic effectiveness, which reflects the Community Health & Counselling Services Center’s team composition. In promoting optimal progressive recovery from psychological and emotional deflects, the team liaises expert contributors of professionals and paraprofessionals, tailoring to individualized needs. Each customized program provides a comprehensive array of evidence-based services, aligned with competency, consistency, continuity, coordination and collaboration; highlighting the uniqueness of the Community Health & Counselling Services (CHCS) – Canada.

The CHCS initiated an international alliance with Canadian professionals of various health disciplines. This integration inspired further development, in which the CHCS embarked to bridge the gaps in services, from the dimensions of neurological, orthopedic and mental health components. One of the emphasis of CHCS is to incorporate the bio-psycho-social model by assimilating pain management, bio-neurofeedback, psychological intervention, nursing care, occupational therapy and cognitive-vocational rehabilitation programs, This synthesized modality revealed consistent progressive and remedial healing process over the past 10 years. This cultivates and enhances the effectiveness of each individual’s recovery evolution. The CHCS’s mental health team also extends its services to corporate sectors for screening of pre-employment candidates, as well as offering therapeutic, capacity enhancement services to employees for optimal productivity.

Finally, the CHCS extends its services to NGO’s supporting marginalized ethnic groups with pro-bona services; actively voicing and participating in promoting common goods for all humanity by bridging health inequities. Healing begins within, therefore, validates the spirit if CHCS’s vision in the cultivating the five essences of rehabilitation – Accessibility, Acceptability, Affordability, Availability and Accountability.


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